Resume of the owner John Hulst: English, German and French

Embedded Software:

Design: requirements documentation, Architecture documentation, detailed design documentation, test protocols

Development: C, C++, Assembly, state machine, data base, drivers, RTOS

Validation: Unit testing, static code analysis, 

Embedded system:

Electronics test and validation

Electronics Design and review


Scripts for production and test tools: Python, Perl, C#

Experience Keywords:

Software Source control: Github, Clearcase, Source Safe, CVS, SVN.

Programming Languages and assembly language: C, C++, Python PERL, Java/J2ME, Android, Delphi, Pascal, HP Basic, Visual Basic, Smalltalk, ADSP2105, 68k, Z80, 6502, QSL.

Drivers: Smartcard, I2 C, SPI, μwire, USB, UART, DCF77, RFID.

RTOS: QNX, Nucleus, SymbianOS, DSP BIOS, VxWorks, RTE, OSAL.

Debug: IAR, MCUXpresso, CCS, Lauterbach (Trace 32), ARM Realview, NOHAU ICE, Windriver, Logic Analysers, LDRA, Code Sonar, Lint, QAC.

Design tools: Enterprise Architect, Visio, Doxygen, StarUML, Diagram Designer.

Others: RFID, embedded systems, digital video (MPEG, DVB2 et OpenTV), bootloaders (IPL, Xloader, U-Boot), analogue video, smart cart, Geographic information systems(GIS), GPS and geoinformatics, Digital Signal Processing, SQLite, MySQL. Norms

Quality: Medical Device Regulations, IEC62304, IEC60601, FDA guidelines, CMMI, document control(Fagan Inspection).

Design: UML, Object oriented design(Coad & Yourdon), Real time development methodes (Ward & Mellor).